The area of Automatic Control (AAC) of the Institute of Automatic Control and Manufacturing (IAF), according to its foundation principles, is focused on the field of Automation and Control and transfers technology to companies through:

Research, Development & innovation (R&D)

Research on data mining techniques for process monitoring and optimization. Development of advanced visualization tools using data mining techniques in order to discover hidden knowledge from data that can be used to improve operation and maintenance. These tools can be useful for fault diagnosis techniques.

Development of open monitoring systems, local and/or remote through the Internet, applied to industrial processes and other kind of processes with a distributed nature. Implementation of monitoring stations, which add advanced visualization tools, based on TCP/IP, whose clients can be PDA, PDAs, PCs or GSM, GPRS and UMTS mobiles.

Innovation on open, autonomous, mobile and flexible systems.

Application fields. Industry, transport, home automation, environment, safety, natural disasters, urban monitoring of services (digital city), remote care services.


Development of pilot plants and industrial scale models with an open, flexible and non-proprietary platform, which make possible to access remotely through the Internet.

Application. Education on automation, control and monitoring systems Training on remote maintenance tasks and instrumentation calibration. Training on biotechnological processes. (operators, students, qualified technician, etc.). Research on Control Engineering: system identification, data mining techniques and advanced automation strategies.

Development of systems for joint management of quality, safety and environment.

Application. ISO 9000-2000 Quality Systems Implementation. Global calibration system.